Wednesday, August 22, 2007

To Be Gentle librarians

What do Socrates, Jesus and Gandhi have in common? Each is a gentle worker of his time though Socrates was poisoned, Jesus was crucified and Gandhi was assassinated.

Socrates had a wonderful sweet voice that could attract and hold his hearers. Librarians can learn a couple of lessons from his patience in dealing with a shrewish wife. Specifically, reference librarians, following Socratic method, skillfully direct series of questions that allow virtually any reader to discover ultimately what he wishes to find, minus his annoying stance in assisting people for truth.

Jesus, the “Great Teacher” and a lover of kids, discriminated no one. He proverbially demonstrated how storytelling precedes. Practitioners of the library professions will have to take every client in their arms, bless each and have Christ-like hands upon everyone. They, surely, know that libraries are abodes for readers of all types and that hindering them will not give them some sense of accomplishment and success.

Gandhi, admirable leader of India, insisted on non-violence and self-discipline. A day can begin with powerful mantras any librarian can adopt or create.

I love myself, I should injure no one. (Monday)

I can conquer my own self and I can be the greatest of all the conquerors. (Tuesday)

I will think before I speak. (Wednesday)

I am a wise man who knows how to avoid problems by being careful about what I say. (Thursday)

I have controlled thoughts. I have controlled words. I have controlled actions. Controlled thoughts, words and actions make me harmless and noble. (Friday)

To speak gently and politely, not rudely and harshly, is my art of speaking. (Saturday)

I am as lovely as rivers and lake; I am as beautiful as the falls; I am as great as the mountains; I am as splendid as the caves; I am as luscious as the forest. (Sunday)

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